GTA 5 Online: NEW Rare Car DLC Gameplay – ALL Business Update Cars Turismo Jester & Alpha (GTA V)

GTA 5 Online: NEW Rare Car DLC Gameplay – ALL Business Update Cars Turismo Jester & Alpha (GTA V)

GTA 5 Business Update Rare Car DLC – This is a multiplayer gameplay of GTA 5 and GTA Online where show off the 3 new rare cars added. The Albany Alpha, Dinka…



MrJamesGeary says:

Today’s #gtav video shows some new #gta5 Business DLC gameplay with all
the new DLC Cars!It will officially be coming to #gtaonline March 4th 🙂
If you enjoyed the video don’t forget to hit like and leave all your
thoughts and comments below!

FFKING1140 says:


Crazy Filmmaker says:

I really want the Alpha and Jester. The Turismo was awesome, but looks like
a Pagina Zonda a lot.

阿騰 says:


TURST67 says:

Show the front and side of the cars next time please !

FinSkater17 says:

How are they rare when you can buy them -_-

Oliver Kjellen says:

How are they rare?

Jesse-R25 says:

Ive been deranked on gta on ps3 i dont have the dns money glitch done what
do i need to do tonget my lvl 125 back?

MaZeiix says:

They Are Not RARE!

Ben Berry says:

How do u get these cars on singleplayer?

Bryan The Elephant Seal says:

2rismo .

Phillippe Merisier says:

Man this sucks ive couldnt play my Valentine’s Day Massacre dlc cuz loading
screen freeze everytime i delete and redownload now its doing the same
thing for my dangerous business update.

jack lovick says:

if i had to choose then i’d say the Albany alpha its smooth fast and easy
to handle

matty haswell says:

Turismo by far

Tracy Starbird says:

The jester

allen tate says:

i like all of them

Antoine Poulin says:


Patrick Parker says:

the jester is sexy!!! XD

alex alba says:

Damn why couldnt it snow today for i can play this all day -_-

Danial Moosa says:

my favourite car is jester love it

SilverTonska says:

Dinka jester and turismo r

LurkingBrony says:

Albany Alpha! I don’t like Jester desighn.

Max Hazlewood says:

Gta online don’t lower the suspension on the turismo r other wise if u hit
a pot hole ur day will crash
prices for cars
Turisomo R $500,000
Jester $250,000
Alfa $150,000
Very cheap

IAMePIcfun says:

the z type had an old classic look

Teun Rongen says:

Doesnt this fucking game gets old its so boring

Beasty MB says:

Truismo :)

Hasnain Ali says:


PlayClashOfClansNorway lior says:


Logan Nelms says:

Hey Mr James Nice vid.My gt is SightedButter And My Car is the Turismo

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