How to find Business Ideas : Motivational Video for Entrepreneurs (in Hindi)

How to find Business Ideas : Motivational Video for Entrepreneurs (in Hindi)

Here comes a video on few quick tips on how to find business ideas. This video is for entrepreneurs who are looking to find ideas for business. This Video is…




Him-eesh Madaan says:

A Video on how to find Ideas..!

prashant kanodiya says:


Nilesh Bhagat says:

Thanks sir………
Can u give ur e-mail id…?

Arunodaya Chary says:


Wasi pathan says:


ThatsRight says:

Thanks sir for making such a lovely video. I WISH –> I CAN make my company
like other leading companies.

Vibhore Jain says:

very good 🙂 keep it up 🙂 God Bless u :)

samir singh says:


Imran Ansari says:

new customer kai se banate hai?

Rakesh Kadkol says:

Thank u sir,

Vipan Thakur says:

Whenever I upset I just watch your video and feel very good. Thank u

Hassan Mehedi says:

Thanks for ideas

Ashok Bhargav says:

nice video sir

Ashwinikumar Maurya says:

Nice video… 

Uttam Vyas says:

I was watch your one video in those video you was ask 10 question about
life so reply of this all question.

1. What is important to you and why ?
A : My mom,dad & my family because i want they are enjoy all things and
happy any time.

2. what all made you feel important in your past ?
A : My 10th school time and school result.

3. what are you best qualities ?

4. what do you love to do ?
A: Learning something new in deep , Creativity , Photography.

5. what do you hate in your life ?
A: i hate negative thinker , attitude person , selfish

6. what would your perfect day look like ?
A: Millioner

7. what would you do if you know that the world is going to end in 7 days ?
A: Enjoy all things which is i have wish to accomplish and with family .

8. what skill you would love to master ?
A: Businessman , Hacking

9. what would you like your family and friends to say about you at your
funeral ?
A: His say uttam was very different kind of person, his thinking was so
different & very talented man.

10. what would you do if you are absolutely guaranteed success ?
A: Big Business.

Hardeep Charak says:

Really, nice video for entrepreneurs. Thanks!

Rashmi Sachan says:

Very nice.

Anudi Chavan says:

Inspired! Thank you Sir!

shankargouda police patil says:

Very good and brief video to motivate new thinking.

Reex stewart says:

are you unaware of all this let me guide you the excellent stuff search

yogesh singh says:

Good one sir get going 

Jinesh B says:

Grate one. :)

Lal Chandra says:

thank you Himesh i saw you video i feel much good thank you very much to
share ur positive approach………..

Deepak Singla says:

Good bro !!! U r doing very good job.

deepak swain says:

nice to find one in Hindi. excellent video. good to show to children for
easy understanding. keep up the gd work.

bharath kumar gupta says:

hey himeesh i want ur book! u r great motivational traineer i amliking ua
and i am learning newthings!

jyoti nikbhorkar says:

boss u r great!

krishan sharma says:

this is great idea that how to find ideas

ganesh karki says:

I am nepali and i dont understand hindi enough but i am your big fan..can
we get your videos in english????

iqbal nadaf says:

Very nice him-ess thank you

Gautam sah says:

Nice video………… a lot .

Rohit Unnithan says:

hi himeesh,
i dont know you read your comment now a days or not. i just want to express
one thing you make nice and really meaningfull video. Can you please do me
a favour for me? please give some knowledege about network marketing. If
you itself or any other person help me out about this then it would have
been good.
hoping for a positive response

Bipin Sen says:

bahut khoob yaar…

Kalpesh Kamani says:


i proud…………you

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