How to Make an Online Store – Step by Step Guide, Easy!

How to Make an Online Store – Step by Step Guide, Easy! – How To Make an Ecommerce Website. This is a step by step guide on how to set up an ecommerce store from scratch. This …



TheDevoGamez | Minecraft, Vlogs, and More! says:

Thank you! :D

Ashley says:

how to do I put Change Password, View Order, Edit My Address?

Suru Asya says:

dude that was cool

Oliver G says:

who carrys your inventory or where do you get the inventory from 

YGOPlayerr says:

Can this just be done for fun without having to buy anything? Just looking

OldSchoolFella says:

is this free or a monthly charge

patris lemair says:

Hi there. I do not have access to my site www. Can you help please

abraham ovie says:

good video im glad i saw this at the right time! how do i add shop menu
under men ?

Ansal Mansoor says:

tankyou Case Gilbreath ur gr8 man <3

Erica Samples says:


Recent Products

didnt work for me. any reason why?

patris lemair says:

Its been a timing issue now solved. But ive got a new problem.mystile no
zip file download??? Anybody knows the solution?? Thx in advance

Cindy Rogers says:

I’m working on my store, but I’ve noticed when I add a few products, it
will automatically, say, Oops, Google Chrome could not connect to this
website. Can you tell me why it continues to do this? Thanks!

Matt Davis says:

online store how to

Phetolo Patleswana says:

This is such as awesome video. I liked it. Simple and straightforward.

ju joe says:

thank you sooooo much….. one mor thing can you add videos too? 

Nita Harrison says:

I have a question. Right before you talked about setting up your paypal,
you said we were already set up to accept credit cards. My question is,
how did we get set up to accept credit cards? Thank you, great video.

Hassan Lakiss says:

Thanks a lot.
I already have my website but want to add a cart! Any advice?

preet Chouhan says:

thanks a lot man u save my job …..thanks a lot 

mfconne says:

Hi, how do you add wholesale suppliers to your website? 

sethkaladin says:

Your amazing thanks 

Detron says:

Thank you Mr case

Cindy Rogers says:

Hi Case! I love the way you explain step by step instructions on opening an
online store! The only thing I’m having a problem with is trying to figure
out the shipping. I can’t get it to give me options. When I click on
shipping, there is nothing. I know it’s probably easy as all get out to do
this, but please explain how I can get to the actual shipping options.
Thanks! And again, I am so impressed with this video!!!!!

Victor Cota says:

How about adding a video that touches on security to receive online
payments better.

Mark Ostheller says:

This video is SO appreciated! I know nothing about building a website but
you have held my hand through the whole thing. Thank you so much for
explaining this so clearly that someone with NO experience can make a nice
looking website! I have referred to your videos on several occasions when
I forgot how to do something. I do want to say I did not build an e
commerce site. I started to and then changed it to an informational site
(I may change it back to e commerce as my list of items to sell has just
greatly expanded). 

Paola H says:

I downloaded wordpress just like you said with your coupon and all… it’s
been 24 hours and nothing, the QuickInstall shows it is already installed
but when I press my domain … Nothing! my domain name was parked on
Godaddy, how long would it take before I can see it and start working on

Kristjan Pucko says:

Nice job mate. Just set it up on free hosting and in works like charm 🙂
Here is the link to free hosting with one clisk worldpress install:

Scott Matthews says:

great stuff. can’t get enough.

Dragan Smoljan says:

i cant find the download button o:O

Tony Yeung says:

I am wondering I need to use the web hosting service provided by

Christian Ogara says:

Nice job man!! Just a quick one, I want to migrate an existing magento url
on wordpress, can I use the same website name when activating wordpress?

GreenGoblinHead says:

Job well done! Helped me a lot! Thanks!

Jackofalltrades1408 says:

It is great that you could create a Social Network by using BuddyPress with
WordPress. Many thanks! says:

Tank you so much this a very god and complete tutorial!

Asia Coley says:

Thank you very much for you rinsight. I am wanting to set up my own online
store. Should I apple for an tax id # with my state?

Matias Marquez says:

how do you delete that edit under the recent products? anyone?

Jake Berardi says:

in my woocommerce in settings why doesnt it say payment gateways. theres no
option for that

Sleek Fx says:

I offered 800 euro on rentacoder for somebody to build me an ecommerce
website. Then while I was awaiting bids I found this and have just created
a perfect working website thanks to this video and software. I just deleted
my 800 euro account. Thanks man! Legend

Shar Sh says:

Thank you! This is a great video. I am a little bit confused about the
payment. How does ones payment will be transferred to my account. ( I have
not set up a Paypal account yet)

Drive On The Road says:

Thanks for the video.
At the homepage. Under the faatured image, my related products images are
not same size. Can you tell me how can i fix it?

Oliver G says:

are these affiliate products or products you bought to resell 

cozyup rubywoo says:

I dont have a woocommece icon to add related products can someone please
tell me how to get it thanks

Caroline Saint says:

You’re going way too fast for me. I can’t keep up.

jimmy webb says:


patris lemair says:

No still no solution

Torrentialcool says:


Myrtle M'oyce says:

I’m stuck. I don’t have all the options under “my account” for the menu
that you do. In fact, I don’t have any suboptions at all. I’ll just
proceed, but what to do? This is my first intro to word press whatsoever.
Thank you!

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