How to Make Money FAST as a Teen! 2014

How to Make Money FAST as a Teen! 2014

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beautygivemeabeat says:

Hi, loves. I hope you like this video and that it helps you out ❤️

xFallenStarXOXO says:

Feature points, I find, helps too :3 as a teen it helps me get more pocket
money. It’s an app that pays u to play games and other apps :DDD it’s not
on the App Store but here’s the link, it’ll give you bonus points for more
money too if you use this link xDD 

Terrec Wadley says:

You can make serious money starting today just got to : check it

Luloski says:

l liked so much this video, just because it helps a lot about how to make
money, in my country its very difficult to get a job but i think i’m gona
sell my clothes i dont use at all… And in that way i have my own money$$.

ewhmayte says:

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Lyra G says:

This is actually really helpful and I’m glad that you made this. I can
definitely use these tips because my parents don’t want me to get a job
because they think that money will affect me “negatively” (basically they
don’t want me going out with my friends). Thanks for making this video!

Nikki tee says:

I can compare to this video because I am 19 and I personally don’t like
getting jobs. I am currently looking for a job at barnes and nobles or
movie theater near me. I am hoping I can get something soon (:

Alyssa Adalla says:

This video definitely relates to me because I grew up in country where I
was responsible to make my own money. As I moved to the U.S. I realized
opportunity was greatly looked upon here, but it was also hard for me to
get hired at an age 15. As I grew up I was raised in a Christian church
where I continue to help help those in need. Although I didn’t make much
money, I learned from its ways and finally received a job when I was 17. 

Sunny Alvarez says:

I currently work at Starbucks! good pay!

Make Money Online with Josh says:

Fantastic tut, I think you can get a little twist to this method of making
cash to make even more though too :)

Sabrina Davis says:

I got alot of useful information on that which is really helping me because
i really would love to make money. And yes please do a video on how to save
money. I have been trying to, but i always take money out while i am in the
process of saving it.

Jessica Oh says:

Thank you for the ideas!! This videos is really helpful!! ily!!

Dakota Smith says:

I think ur one of my favorite youtubers now! I have watched a lot of ur
videos (in the past 24 hours) I LOVE ur channel!!

Emily Epic says:

omg i love this video and you should promote products on twitter

Lara Erdmann says:

Love this video because it is hard for me to make money! I mean I get some
babysitting but this will help! Love your videos!!

Jennifer Almarez says:

this video is very helpful. i new about twitter making money but didnt know
how it works. learned a think or 2 from this video. thank you :)

Kashmiere S. says:

Thanks this was really helpful

Tegan Massey says:

Thankyou my goal for 2015 is to get a macbook so this should help a lot and
concerts, books you are one of us! <3

Mariam Alrasheed says:

Thanks for that video really help alot well it helped me alot coz soon I
will be going to high school and I will need to make moneyb

Cami Bustamante says:

this is awesome!! im always struggling with money ughh and i hate asking my
parents for it!! me and my boyfriend have been saving up a lottt though so
we’re going on a trip this winter :)

theOKAYacorn says:

I use this site to make money online. You earn points for doing online
activities like surveys, games, purchases, etc. and you can redeem them for
gift cards and PayPal cards! Click the link below to check it out 🙂

eja.emi says:

Thanks! The advice really helped and what do you this think 8s better being
a kid or being a teen? And thanks again for the advice and also when you
get a job what job would it be and why?

MsFiercePierce says:

I actually love you. At first I was like oh another beauty channel but you
actually give practical advice so thumbs up for that. The fact that you
love barnes and nobles is a huge plus

Sam Hall says:

Thank you so much! This is so helpful and there are so many ideas I never
thought of. I love this because it also teaches you the value of the
dollar. $$$

Mia Oglia says:

I needed this!

Kpopgurl007 says:

I smetimes goo on globaltestmarket and valued opinions .! LKE surveys its

سامي السرخي says:

Thank you for this ideas, with love sara ^^)

Issy Alta says:

Great ideas!!! i love how thee things are just so easy for us to do. Thank
you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sinai padilla says:

This was soooooo helpful because i need so money .

Ella Jones says:

Great video Aleeza! How many subscribers would I need to get a partnership?
Because I am thinking of starting youtube, but I am still really young and
I don’t think lots of people would want to watch my videos.
Expecially because I am sooo shy!
I love you Aleeza! Xx

NinaSimmer ;3 says:

Great vid,thanks for posting it:)

vane Ramirez says:

I didn’t think we could get played for all of that Thank you

Aaliya Shire says:

This video is really helpful thank you!

Caila Kezley says:

Yassss! Money for needs and LIFE. Really helps 

Old McDonald says:

I’m definitely going to be doing some of these things soon!

B. Shanta says:

This is very helpful 🙂 Thank you xoxo

stephanie l. says:

This was really helpful video ! ( :

Chey Frawley says:

I loved this video so much, I will follow these tips bc I really need the
money cx

Rebecca Brown says:

Okay someone help. I signed up for opinion outpost and I’ve done there
surveys but it won’t give me anything at all

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