How to Make Money if you’re a kid!

How to Make Money if you’re a kid!

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Blaze says:

Im 14 years old and can i make a money on youtube with monetization using
my parents bank card ? And without police arrested me ?? Im affraid if that
would happen, pls answer,,

ykmixGAMER says:

Hey I’m 12 and is it possible for me to make money on YouTube if I am a big

Cole Yorko says:

im 10 and have $600ish in the bank and cant take it out…

Bentley Wilkinson says:

im 11 i need after effects cs6 and the producers suite but i need to make
about 200$ i have that much in my bank account but can’t access it

Annie Evans says:

Why don’t you have 10,000,000 subs??

Simba025 says:

I’m 10 and have about $350 I saved up less then a year. If you are looking
for money get a change bin save until you get to the top and look for spare
change in your house. 

M0NST3R_P!LLOW says:

Actually Brett I am already partnered! I get my first paycheck in August!

Gamer Uzumaki says:

I´m 11 years old and i want fifa 14 for play station 3 it costs 50$ and i
moved from romania from germany and now i have a big problem

lol troll says:

My prob is that I need more sruff to make something with (like pie) :0

Yaser Aryanpure says:

i have like 600 dollars and i made that in like every 6 months my uncle
gives like 300 every 6 months

Jay Knight says:

I did kids homework a dollar per page. Made over 500 dollars this school

The Hippie says:

I have a problem, how do I survive a nuclear impact? (Just out of curiosity)
(and hey, you said you could come up with a solution to anything) XD

Babalonus669 says:

I’m 13 and have saved over £1000 

Brett Phillips says:

Bullshit I didnt create this

TheGamingSurfer | ROAD TO 150 says:

i could buy a car with the money thats fell down my sofa/couch :P

Laniya Jones says:

My problem is I want a phone but my mom always says no. I am nine so I have
to make money in a way she will say yes to. What can you do to solve this
problem? P.s. I need a phone

Comics Breh says:

Im gonna start cleaning the house once a weekend for 20 bucks to save 120$
for a roxio game capture hd pro

Gerardyboy Gaming says:

Sell ur homework

Alex Justiniano says:

How do you kiss a random girl without her smacking you?

Mixis says:

Oh, I am so stupid. As i ditched console to go with *achem* GLORIOUS PC
GAMING MASTER RACE. i could sell my xbox games.

Rminecraft R says:

I have a job at a wedding to produce a film for them

matthew zavadil says:

thank you this has really helped me me and my friends have made 1,243
dollars having a clothing design business.

Julio Acosta says:


Royce Repaldo says:

Not to brag or anything I have 24900$ its at the bank im saving it to have
a limo =)

FateLogic says:

I ask my mom for a milk card which is 5 bucks and i keep the 5 bucks she
game me for a MILK CARD then when my dad comes home I ask him for 5 bucks
for a milk card and I get more money I repeat this every 2 weeks I now have
50 dollars!!

mun ali says:

i wana make money from youtube .can i get money frome age 12 or not plz

alfredo rodriguez says:

how to make money if you are 7


I used to be paid $50 a month for a year.

Lovelystar RAE says:

this really didnt help srry 

HybridWolfMC says:

Couldn’t you just learn how to make graphics and just sell them for money?

GameLeo56 says:

Im 12 years old and im trying to make money. I try to sell some old video
games and toys that ive purchased and my parents say, “No, its not yours, u
didn’t pay for it so dont even think about it”. When I tell them I bought
those items they still say no. What should I do?

Storm Tat says:

how can i convince my parents to get me a kinda expensive present for

Happy doll Stop motion says:

Or maybe when your B-Day Is coming you could Oder $100 dollars every year
and save 🙂 

KajanVids says:

i need 200 euros… please answer how to get that money… i need a gopro

Daniel Rodriguez says:

Dude I’m ten

Logan Lewis says:

I need to save money for a ps3

Julian Ramirez says:

I’m 11 and I have 0$$

Queen AJ says:

I’m saving up for a mac book pro!!! Not going so good! My dad wouldn’t even
let me mow the grass even for free, because you no how some houses have
fancy yards and the grass has strips on it. Well my dad says I’ll mess it

Danica Lum says:

I’m kind of curious, even though this video is on how to make money but I
was wondering what the average teen think about money. I wonder what your
common questions are regarding savings account, chequeing accounts or
taxes, claims, anything really that involves money.

As long as your questions relates to money, anything is acceptable.

Inbox me, I would really love to hear back!! I’ll explain the use of your
question in reply. 

Brett Szudzik says:

Brett’s my name!XD

Kiylah Herbin says:

Im 13 and its summer can you help me find a job?

Xx_LazyGamer_xX says:

im 13 I want to bea youtuber like pewdiepie but the down side is I need
$13,000 bucks for a EPIC GMING SETUP!!!

Naomi Arnett says:

I love doing gymnastics but my parents say I can’t do it because my parents
say they don’t have the time or money. How can I convince them to let me do

Colten Cook says:

So i need 5-10 thousand fast

Konrad Urbqn says:

My Idea : Ask for money for the shop and then keep it,save up money from
your lunch in school,Do chores,Try find money around the house,Get a paper
job,Sell old stuff on ebay,Buy stuff from the shop for a good price and
then sell it higher . ITS A REALLY GOOD WAY,I SAVED UP A LOT

Johnathon H. says:

Easy… dope (sell drugs)

Royce Repaldo says:

+Tommy Lamb same here kinda

Bryson Kungl says:

its so hard to make money as a kid there should be a day were kids get
money every two months

LoganGoneGaming ϟυßϟℭℜiℬ∃ says:

I’m 10 and I need 60 dollars quickly so I won’t spend it and in my money
right away how can I get that money quick

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