How to Start a Business with No Money

How to Start a Business with No Money I have been running my own businesses now for over 13 years, and during that time I have been approached by countless people all asking m…



Gedeon Kele says:

I’m 16 Years old and trying to start my own software company, the only
thing slowing me down is I don’t the enough money to get started, not even
enough to publish my first application, I tried to get a summer job but no
place hired me.

The Landscaping Employee Trap says:

Great vid

yoitsrami says:

What the fuck is this guy talking about

H.C. Holt says:

I don’t know why people keep insisting you can start a business with no
money. That is not true. Every business has startup costs. You cannot
circumvent that. If someone really wants to help people, let’s focus on the
ways to raise capital instead of claiming we don’t need capital. 

BeatDose says:

I ;seen this video 9 months ago. now im filthy RICH! Thanks. . No im

Richard Sanchez says:

I make $12,000 to $15,000 a month and I’m not going to tell you how! ha

Harsh Rana says:

hi sir its grt video thank you a lot

Moe Harb says:

this sounds like itll help a lot thanks very much

Childprodigy28 says:

This guy is just talking about possibilities of making money with
innovating shapes. You need capital don’t let these youtube A-holes waste
your time!

Olifile Radikoro says:


BlueBerry says:

great thanks a lot!

Oney Bee says:

My excuse…..
I have no idea what i want to do business in.

Justin Greenawalt says:

Awesome video. Thanks for making it!

Zeroxdan says:

thanks for the advice 🙂 it was worth ever second

Jolita Brilliant says:

I get it :)

Chris Blaze says:

Youve confirmed the thoughts Ive had when it comes to success

Devon Aiken says:

*How to Start a Business with No Money*

Wynrotar says:

8 mins of bs jargon oh start online for cheap,,, misleading fucking useless
ass video boo this noob

Steven St Pierre says:

Can I start a business if I’m 12?

Richard Antigha says:

Green dot? that’s blue (im not colour blind)

Ablackman'sdream says:

This is a simple yet to the point great video. Thank you! Glad to see I’m
on the right track. I started a business knowing nothing just like the lil
green man with the green dot. I will just study my mistakes and my market
while learning from great business owners like you. I’ve even learned and
designed my web page and much more from watching youtube. I will keep
pushing forward. The great thing I did start with was a business I could
easily pay out of pocket, giving me time to grow and develope. Thanks

Generic Internetter says:

This video could have been 30 seconds long:
“Start. Keep going. If you don’t do those two things, you won’t achieve
Adapt. If something isn’t working, then adapt to something better.
Keep adapting until you have a healthy business model.”
That was what… 15 seconds?

Voodoo8648 says:

Doesn’t really explain… How to start a business with “No Money”

NightFox says:

Thanks for the video. I really needed to hear this, I started a health
website last year and closed it a few months after because I was getting
hits but no takers, I think if I’d “been in business” tweaked ” I’d gotten

Seemo Ney says:

Great advice. But what the hell happen to the “start a business with NO
MONEY” part???

Shaney Murr says:

what the hell is he talking about?? Anyone?? that’s exactly what I

Peter Gjersoe says:

Hi Trent, Just came across your video; BRILLIANT. Thank you

Open Thots says:


jaimecuate763 says:

This is awesome 

Michael Reyes says:

Forget the haters man. Great video!

Kim Ian Tumblod says:

Thank you so much, this helped me a lot. I’m a 25 old guy from Philippines,
and I’ve been working my ass off for three years in the corporate world.
I’m going to start my business but don’t know what to sell, or what have

I’ll message you and make a video when I become successful 

Mike Randle says:

Thanks. I have been making excuses and procrastinating for 15 years. You
just gave me a kick in the ass I needed.

American Entrepreneurship Today says:

Great advice for those looking to start their own businesses! We have
advice for entrepreneurs as well as features of local start-up businesses
and entrepreneurial meetups.

Emily Brown Small Business Channel says:

Simple yet very inspiring.

Matt Pavi says:

I’d like to say “I wish to heard that 4 years ago” but I’ll rather say,
“it’s never to late to understand a concept”. Thanks

Skram says:

Love the video, I love hearing something in a new way, this will really
help, thank you!

Nguyễn Bruce says:

Thanks, good video

Okeino Oakley says:

Great video, this will really help me position our operations to our

Chef Hely says:

Thank you for the video. I’m wondering if I should invest in SFM which
costs thousands.

Mike Berisha says:

Very interesting video as I can see from an honest person!

Crystal Tee says:

Wow! Great message! I needed to hear that.Procrastination in getting my
idea started has been a big problem of mine. I am afraid to fail

Maria Flores says:

Thank you for sharing your experience! it is been on my mind that I want to
open a business. but you describe my feelings, FEAR! THANK YOU!!!!!

Hosney ASKER says:


chaii kure says:

very inspiring! thanks

andyd568 says:

Thank ! A great explanation of how one has to evolve their product/service
in order to succeed in the long term.

Paul Jennings says:

Solid advice

Jo Gardner says:

what a load of rubbish.

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