Income Revealed – Free Content Sources

Income Revealed – Free Content Sources

Free Content Sources
Writing content is the most time-consuming element of
the system aside from getting backlinks. It can take
hours of your time to write enough content to populate
a blog and set some updates.
There are many ways to get content for your blog. You
can outsource it, of course. There are plenty of
writers who are really good and desperate for business.
You can get nice quality articles written for as low as
$2 each if you shop around. Even at $5 each, you stand
to make a fantastic amount of profit over the following
But you don’t necessarily have to pay for content.
There are several ways to get content without paying a
penny for it.
PLR, or private label rights, is one easy way to get
content. It is very inexpensive, and sometimes free.
Many websites sell packages of articles about
particular topics for as low as $0.99 per pack.
Some people talk about a “duplicate content penalty”
and claim your site can be penalized for using
duplicate content. But I’ve found that as long as I buy PLR content that is limited (sold only to a certain
number of buyers), I can easily rank with the content
as long as I do the work of getting backlinks to it.
You can also get non-unique content from article
directories. Those same directories you submit to in
order to get backlinks will let you use the articles
there on your site as long as you keep the author’s
resource box intact. (That means other people could be
using YOUR articles, too. That gives you even more
I like to have a good mix of unique and non-unique
content on my blogs, so I always make sure to write
some articles myself. But I also know a neat little
trick to get content for free!
You know how you need backlinks to your site, right?
So you have to either go out begging other webmasters
to link to you, or you have to create your own with
sites like Squidoo and HubPages.
Well, you can offer other webmasters backlinks on YOUR
site in exchange for them writing content for YOU!
It helps if you already have a little traffic and can
prove it, or if you have a PageRank. But this isn’t
always necessary. It never hurts to email a webmaster and ask if they’d
like to be a guest author in exchange for a link. If
you get several people to do this, you could have quite
a lot of free content quickly!



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