Income Revealed – Monetization

Income Revealed – Monetization

The methods you choose for monetization will make a
huge difference in how much you make with your blog.
If you use the wrong monetization methods, you might
make little or even nothing.
AdSense is one of the most popular methods of
monetization for blogs, because it is so simple to use.
You just have to paste a single piece of code into your
blog, and the ads will automatically be updated with
new ads that match your content.
You could place the exact same code on a blog about
weight loss as you paste on a blog about Italian
cooking, and appropriate ads would be shown on each.
If you hate having to search for appropriate ads, if
you can’t stand having to change your advertisements
when your affiliate programs change, AdSense is perfect
for you.
There are some potential problems with AdSense. For
one thing, many niches will not have any ads available,
or they may have very few. Whenever there are few ads, there isn’t enough
competition to drive the prices of clicks up. That
means you’ll only be paid pennies for each click.
Another reason AdSense may not work well for you is
because you just don’t have a significant amount of
traffic available.
With affiliate programs that pay you per sale, you
could end up making $40 on just 100 visitors if you
manage to convert at 1:50 and get paid $20 for each
sale. With AdSense, it would be incredibly difficult
to make that much money with only 100 visitors.
AdSense is better in a backup role on most sites.
There will be times when AdSense actually performs
For example, there aren’t very many affiliate programs
for doctors or attorneys, so medical and legal sites
will often make more money with AdSense. It depends on
the topic, of course, but generally AdSense just works
better for some niches than others.
I use AdSense as a backup monetization method on most
blogs, simply because affiliate programs usually make
more money when I can find good products to promote
that pay well. I suggest using only the text AdSense ads. The image
ads don’t usually convert very well, so you will
typically make more money if you use text only.
You may have to experiment to find out the best size
and colors to use for the AdSense ads on your site.
Most people blend the ad colors in so the ads look like
a part of their site. This usually does work best, but
sometimes contrasting ads stand out and work better.
Larger ad blocks generally perform better than the
small ones. In my experience, the best performing ads
are, in order:
1. 336×280
2. 300×250
3. 250×250
4. 728×90
The other ad sizes don’t usually perform very well for
me. I especially stay away from the 468×60 size,
because that size is usually ignored by visitors. It
is easily recognized by most people as being a common
ad size, so it won’t be paid attention to.
If you’re going to use AdSense, make sure you read
their rules carefully. One thing you need to know about AdSense is that they don’t give second chances
very often.
If you break the rules, even on accident, you stand a
very good chance of losing your account. And
unfortunately AdSense is not known for giving people
the benefit of the doubt. In fact, they’re not even
known for letting banned people back in when the
individual can prove unequivocally that they did
nothing wrong.
Be very, very careful. Read the rules again and again,
keep your email address up to date so they can always
contact you with rule changes, and be certain you
always stay within the rules.
Affiliate Programs
There are thousands of different affiliate programs to
choose from, so it may be really confusing trying to
decide which ones to use for a particular site.
There are only a few affiliate programs I use
regularly. These few affiliate programs will generally
work for almost any site, but there will be occasions
when you have to go for individual affiliate programs.
I’m going to show you the affiliate programs I use most
often, and I’ll tell you why I like each one so much. ClickBank
ClickBank is the affiliate program I use most. Because
the products are digital, you will find that you can
get 50% commissions or even greater. You aren’t likely
to find that with physical products that have
production costs and overhead.
ClickBank products are generally information products.
They often serve desperate niches that are searching
for answers. This means they will often convert very
ClickBank will pay you weekly by direct deposit if you
meet certain requirements. The only major problem with
them is that it can take a while to meet their very
strange and outdated rules for receiving your first
I usually check ClickBank first when I get into a new
niche. If there are products available in that niche,
I will usually try them out to see how well they
You have to be careful with ClickBank products, because
they are all over the board as far as conversions.
Each product is owned by an individual. Some of them
are done very professionally and tested carefully for conversions, others are put together by amateurs and
aren’t ever tested or touched again.
That’s why I usually test ClickBank products carefully
and use only those products that end up converting
well. I rarely every promote a product that doesn’t
convert at 1:300 at minimum. Most products convert at
better than 1:100, because I don’t usually settle for
Amazon is a phenomenal affiliate program. The payouts
are low, but volume and proper product selection can
still make you a lot of money.
Amazon has a phenomenal number of products to promote.
There’s something to promote in almost every niche, so
they can work for just about any site.
Their prices are great, so it will be easy to compete
on price. You can tell your visitors that if they buy
through your link they’ll get one of the lowest prices
available anywhere.
Amazon is also a highly trusted online merchant, so
people will feel comfortable buying through them. They
offer free shipping on a lot of their items, and their customer service and return policies make people
comfortable shopping with them.
I don’t generally use Amazon as my primary source of
income from a site simply because of the low percentage
they pay, but sometimes Amazon has the best possible
products to promote. Whenever I make a site that fits
products with large price tags, Amazon is one of the
first programs I turn to.
I know Amazon is known as an online book seller, but I
don’t promote their books. With an average payout of
only 4-5%, it doesn’t make sense to promote products
with a price tag of under $20.
With Amazon, I concentrate mainly on promoting
expensive items like jewelry and electronics. These
things are expensive enough to make me a good
commission even at their very low percentages.
EBay’s affiliate program is one of my favorites. With
their program, I can promote items that aren’t even
being made or sold in stores anymore.
Let’s say I build a site around vintage postcards. I
obviously can’t use a site like Amazon to promote
these. But eBay would have vintage postcards for sale! I sometimes use the eBay affiliate program to promote
new items, too. For example, during the holiday season
there always seems to be one or two extremely hot toys
that the stores all sell out of. EBay is perfect for
promoting these types of items.
There are always people who anticipate these shortages,
and they buy up as many as possible before the holiday
specifically to sell on eBay.
Whenever parents are scrambling, they will pay
ridiculous prices for whatever they are searching for.
The harder it is to find, the higher prices skyrocket.
They will pay over $1,000 for an item that retails for
$200 or less if they have to. These prices make it
possible to make great money even at relatively small
Not that eBay pays small percentages. They actually
pay about half of the money they make. The trouble is,
you don’t get 50% of the final sale price. You get 50%
of the commission and fees eBay gets. The individual
selling the product obviously gets the bulk of the
money. Still, this money can really add up.
There are two main reasons to promote the eBay program: 1. Whenever you want to promote something that isn’t
sold in stores anymore. This is actually great to
do, because you don’t have as much competition as
you would with current sellers.
2. Whenever you want to promote something that is
sold in stores, but is very difficult to find.
This is obviously a great way to make money,
because people will pay a lot more for something
they can’t get otherwise.
I wouldn’t use eBay for promoting every day, widelyavailable
items, because you could get more commission
CPA is a type of affiliate program that doesn’t work
exactly like other affiliate programs. Instead of
being paid just when someone buys something, you can
get paid for other actions.
In fact, that’s what CPA stands for – Cost Per Action.
It means you get paid whenever someone takes a
specified action, and that doesn’t always mean they
have to buy something.
Some of the actions include: • Entering a valid email address
• Entering a zip code
• Entering their mobile phone number
• Applying for a credit card
• Signing up for a free trial
• Requesting free information
CPA is generally a very good moneymaker, but I don’t
like to use it personally. Sure, you can make very
good money even if no one buys anything, but CPA has
one major flaw that just doesn’t fit in well with this
business model.
CPA campaigns are generally very volatile in nature.
The companies who run them usually don’t keep them
going for very long. They are often very limited time
That just doesn’t fit very well with the passive nature
of this business model, so I don’t use CPA. But some
people really do love to use it. If you want to try
it, by all means do so.
Just realize that you will have to spend a lot more
time changing and updating ads.



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