The Income-Revealed Method

The Income-Revealed Method

The Method
My method involves setting up websites or blogs that
generate passive income without me having to work on a
regular basis. I have a lot I want out of life, and
working every single day is not one of my priorities!
It’s not that I’m lazy. I just prefer to spend my days
having fun with my family, going out with friends,
traveling, reading, and pursuing my favorite hobbies.
Your time is extremely valuable. We only get a limited
time on this Earth, and every moment wasted is a
If you spend your life letting other people tell you
what you should be doing, how much you should charge,
how much you should make, and what you give away or
charge for, you’re just selling yourself short. Always, always remember how much your time is worth.
Don’t ever let people devalue you or your time or
knowledge. As long as you keep that in mind, you WILL
be successful with this method or any other!
Now that I’ve said that, I’ll go on to explain the
actual method to you. I just wanted to make sure you
always remember how valuable your time is so you never
let other people (or yourself!) waste it!
This method involves setting up websites or blogs,
using only passive income methods like AdSense or
affiliate programs for the income. I personally prefer
blogs, because they are so much easier and faster for
me to set up, update, and manage.
You can certainly use static HTML websites if you
prefer, but you may notice that it takes a lot longer
to get indexed in Google with static HTML sites.
I’ve had WordPress blogs that were freshly installed
with NO content added indexed within a few hours, and
static HTML pages with dozens of fresh backlinks not
indexed for 2 or 3 months!
After they were finally indexed, the HTML sites
performed about as well as my WordPress blogs, but the
length of time it takes to be indexed, as well as the other benefits of using WordPress, really make it worth
it to me to just create blogs instead.
I’m always careful to create blogs that won’t require a
lot of maintenance. There are several ways I
accomplish this, and they apply to any type of passive
income website.
1. I only use truly passive income sources. I don’t
sell PDFs or products myself, because I don’t want
to deal with customer service issues. I don’t
sell ad space, because I’d have to answer
questions and manage the ads. I ONLY use AdSense
and affiliate programs.
2. I don’t allow comments on my blogs, because I
don’t want to spend any time moderating them or
answering them.
3. I don’t put contact information of any kind on my
blogs, except the email address required by
AdSense on my privacy policy page.
4. I use the WordPress system to add content that
will be automatically posted at regular intervals,
so my blogs are updated on a regular basis, even
if I’m not around. 5. I depend mostly on SEO for my traffic, because I
don’t want to have to do a lot of extra promotion.
I use a few methods to get backlinks, such as
article marketing and sites like and But once I get enough backlinks, I
only submit articles (to keep building backlinks
ahead of competition) about once every 2-3 months
for each site.
Remember, every single step of this method is designed
around making everything as passive as possible. Yes,
you do have to do some work up front, but once the
system has been completed and put in place, it should
be able to run more or less on its own.
As I mentioned, you can use static websites or blogs.
You can host them yourself, or use free hosted
solutions like But I highly recommend
using WordPress blogs on your own hosting. There are
several reasons for this.
1. If you host your sites on someone else’s server,
you risk them being deleted on the whim of a
2. You can’t use essential SEO plugins and other site
enhancers when you host a blog on a free server. 3. You are very limited in what you can and cannot
do, and what you can and cannot say or promote.
4. Remember, SEO happens much faster with WordPress
than static HTML in most cases.
5. If you host your blog on, you cannot
make money from it without risking your blog being
deleted. They do NOT allow ANY sort of
advertising on the blogs they host. You CAN,
however, put ads on a WordPress blog you host
It’s never a good idea to trust someone else with
running your business. While you might hire employees
or even managers to run the day-to-day activities, you
can’t just hand it all over!
It’s important to constantly check up on your business.
You need to be on top of things. You should be able to
trust your manager and employees to a certain extent,
but giving them complete control without any types of
checks and balances is a recipe for disaster.
It’s the same with your online business. You want to
give others as little control over your business as
possible. Everything you can keep in your own hands is
one thing someone can’t really take away from you, so you should make sure to keep as much in your control as
you can.
This method does require you to have as much control as
you possibly can over your own sites as possible,
because if you have other people telling you what to
do, you won’t be able to step away as often as you’d
If you have your own hosting, you could go away on a
vacation for three weeks and feel confident that
(unless you are hacked or something) when you come
back, you will still have sites making you money.
If you have all of your pages hosted somewhere like
Blogger or Squidoo, you run the risk of your pages
being deleted while you are away, and you could return
to no income.
Always keep in mind the passive nature of this system.
Whenever you decide to try something new, think about
how passive the technique will be before you implement
Ultimately, the passive nature of the system is the
most critical element.



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