The Next Food Network Star Season 10, Episode 4 – “Internet Marketing Video”

The Next Food Network Star Season 10, Episode 4 – “Internet Marketing Video”

The finalists set out to prove their social-media savvy when they create behind-the-scenes selfies in the Food Network Star Kitchen; and later, they are task…



Jen Zatoth says:

I am still perplexed on WHAT people think are capable of going “viral”. I
think Lenny’s would most likely have taken off before the other two…

Melanie Brown says:

Why did the last couple of episodes have the big “Food Network” border
around the video? Even on full screen it has the border so the actual show
is so much smaller.

Emma Seibert says:

Boo the 6% that thought Lenny should go home

lisa meola says:

Shay Carl :)

k8isgreat80 says:

thanks for posting this! they took it off hulu! so this is the only place i
can watch now! :)

Raizada R says:

I wonder what Food Network thinks of the Epic Meal Time crew.

Jason Kincaid says:

Emma’s voice makes her almost as sexy as Giada… Almost.

TheMatador592 says:

Came here because of ShayCarl! 

Jose Sepulveda says:

I love Nicole – she is HOT!

megalagrion says:

Sarah needs to get over her whole crush on Bobby Flay. 

ashley lesniak says:

I love this show! I am so glad I can find this on youtube because I don’t
have cable and you can’t find it on Only the first episode
is posted

John Goodman says:


KD says:


Barnaby West says:

I’m only here because of shay :D

The Next Food Network Star (S10) says:

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