Violet got SCAMMED!! Online Business scammer! HELP!!

Violet got SCAMMED!! Online Business scammer! HELP!!

WHERE IS MY SPONSER?? Join Pyxism, THE BEST TEAM is TRC!!!! Never get scammed like Violet!



Mike Graneti says:

Sounds like the work of Matthew McMills or Matthew Renteria which ever name
he is currently using. The guy is the biggest scammer and thief in the
industry! He will lie his ass off and say anything to get your money!

twillzers says:

so are you going to make any more videos?

Abnermoon says:

I have always wondered what Carol Burnette has been doing lately. Awesome,
kind of a spin off Mamma’s Family. I was waiting for Tim Conway, ‘Cletus”
to put the threats on the scammer.

bobbi217 says:

@bobbi217 WAIT!!!!!!! I think this might be my sponsor I have been looking
for?????? Quick someone PLEASE gurgle his name for me!!!!!!!!

twillzers says:

You are just too much! XD

bobbi217 says:

@twillzers I am definately, Violet finally found a good sponsor, and hired
a CSI guy to track down the rat that scammed her out of her disability

bobbi217 says:

Well now thank you rickpogany, that is jus the sweetest thing anyone has
offered. Poor ole Violet isnt getting around too good since the “bunion
surgery” Thank you sweetheart love, Violet

MrThomasL says:


bobbi217 says:

@fletcher5280 How can this not be “credible” she DID get scammed! Just a
lighthearted way to tell people they r not alone out there!

onlinebizleadcoach says:

MY GOODNESS! Finally someone who will represent the voice of the people.
Obama doesn’t hold a candle to Violet. Like everyone else – waiting to see
how the story unfolds. Cathrine Feehely

Michael Fletcher says:

So obviously an actor (or someone acting like a redneck) , fake teeth and
fake glasses, what does that say abouy YOUR credibility.

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